Monday, October 19, 2009

Dump Positive Thinking - Try reality

I know some people who are encouraging us to carry on in this rotten economy, start up a new business or a new product, and I usually don't disagree. But I'm reading way too many advise that people counter their feelings of 'scarcity' with feelings of 'abundance.'

If that gets you through the night, ignore what I'm about to say:

They're both a little crazy. The economy is truly rotten. All that means is that you have to take it into account. There are a number of ways to do that:

1) you can look for a demographic that has money

2) you can sell something everyone needs in any event

3) you can stick your toe in the water before you spend too much on creating a new product or business, and see what happens.

Don't be negative. Don't be positive. Be realistic.

Once again, the solution is not to sit alone in a room, managing your feelings and your thoughts. I really think you should only do that in an emergency under rare circumstances.

The solution is to get a bunch of people together and do some brainstorming. You can do that on the telephone, or if your friends don't know enough, search Twitter for people who do. You can also go to my exellent, 12-years-old-and-going-strong bulletin board at or you can comment right here and see if we get some helpful responses.


  1. Thank you, Barbara!
    I find this to be one of your most passionate, moving messages: the real danger and damage of PosThink. That idea of twisting your brain until it cracks and then blaming yourself when it still doesn't make you a winner.

    Maybe we should file a class-action suit against the PosThinkers!

  2. Could not agree with you more, Barbara. Not only was I never able to hack the happy-face mentality that most positive-thinking "gurus" throw at one, but I felt hopelessly inadequate and strangely guilty for not being able to live up to their ideal!

    Thanks for your rational and easy-to-fathom approach! Networking and keeping onesself from being isolated are way better than p.t.